“Damn love to Malle” with Maximilian Diehle

"Damn love to Malle" with Maximilian Diehle

“Damn love to Malle” with Maximilian Diehle

On Tuesday, 09.13.2016, 20:15 am, in SAT.1 you see our Max in a very funny role in the romantic comedy “Damn love to Malle”. Other models are: Stephan Luca, Valerie Niehaus, Uwe Ochsenknecht…
Directed by Ulli Baumann

“Damn love to Malle” (Sat 1) is entitled despite a remarkable romantic comedy about a teacher who succumbs to the charms of crooner Gregory as part of a school trip to Majorca. Valerie Niehaus and Stephan Luca are a friendly couple who also acoustically adds highlights are different vocal duets. One way or another student figure is a bit clichéd, but that has method: Gregor keeps the young people for “cultural Zombies”, which are fixed on her high school and urgently should time off with enthusiasm. They do then, including some crashes. The Comedy experienced Ulli Baumann preserves the film skillfully from the same fate.